Cardboard and Plastic Balers

available to purchase or rent.

Irish Balers are Irelands leading supplier of balers and compactors and if you have a need to save space, time and money while reducing your carbon footprint we have the eco friendly solution for you,

Let Irish Balers solve your waste problems. The right baler for your business will help

Save time :: Save Money :: Save Space

We can provide a site survey, and see your business in action. We can then analyse your needs, and provide you with the best waste management solution.

We will evaluate how best to save you money and increase your efficiency during the waste process.

If you already know your requirements then just proceed to viewing our balers and other specialist machinery.

Rentals available from €20 per week

Our Balers

Small Balers

  • Produce 30-75kg bale

  • Suited to small amounts of cardboard/plastic waste.

  • Suitable for customers currently using between 2 to 4 1100ltr bins a week

Medium Balers

  • Produce 75-200kg bale
  • Suitable for customers currently using approx 1 x 1100ltr bin a day

  • Larger baler opening means less time and labour to load

Large Balers

  • Produce 250-650kg bale
  • Suited to large amounts of cardboard/plastic waste.
  • Suitable for customers currently using more than 2 x 1100ltr bins a day

 Baler Banding


Baler Banding is made from highly durable and strong polyester fibre suitable for most brands of baling equipment. It is suitable for both pneumatic and hydraulic balers of most manufacturers. Our baler strapping keeps your bales secure and tidy even when moved for transportation

Baler Servicing


We provide a full range of servicing on all of our Baler which we supply…

Advantages of Renting

No Large Cash Outlay

Tax Deductible

Easy Payment Schedule

No Unexpected Maintenance costs

Rental Payment Includes:

Machine Maintaince


and Banding

For Sale

Large stock of second hand balers available. Contact us today for our best quote. T&C’s apply

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