Mac Fab 450

Baler Features

  • Produces a mill size bale.
  • Ideal for medium to large amounts of recyclable material.
  • Retainer claws to prevent spring back of material in the bale chamber.
  • Fully automated bale ejector, simplifies the removal of the bale.
  • Large loading apature for easy loading of cardboard boxes into the baler.

Optional Extras

  • Available with either 220-240 volts power supply.
  • Unique patented prong sharper design eliminates the need for pallets when lifting, stacking and transporting bales.
  • Low noise pump 64 db.


Height      3.00m
Width       1.781m
Depth        1.196m
Weight      1300kg
Transportation Ht    2.3
Power Supply    380-400v (three Phase)
Motor   11kW 32Amp
Pressing Force   Up to 25 ton
Noise  Level  75 Decibels

Loading Aperture Sizes

Height    : 0.68m
Width     : 1.20m
Depth     : 0.80m

Bale Dimensions 

Height      1.00m
Width       1.20m
Depth       0.80 m
Weight      Up to 450kg
Cycle Time 40 Seconds